Easter Craft-Stained Glass

Well it is fake stained glass, but we are delighted with how this turned out.
The sun is rising from the Earth and underneath the cross is sprouting and new life in the eggs is waiting.

How to do...
I started with black card and white pencil and asked H what design he had in mind in the theme of Easter, New Life etc. He said a sun, baby chick eggs and a cross. So once he had drawn the basic outlines, with my help he marked on the paper the areas he wanted colour on and those that were to be black. This is not such an easy thing to do, as all the black must stay connected to the outside edge frame (so younger ones will need guidance).I used a paper cutting scalpel to cut out the shape, much quicker and keeps things moving along. H cut out cellophane with scissors.
Then the colour scheme was decided upon and cellophane paper was glued on the back.

You can make these with tissue paper and colour in wax paper with sharpies to look like glass. Check out the internet and Pinterest for some more stained glass ideas.

I like the shape of the sun and the creative cross which looks like a sprout or vine and the eggs at the bottom in a tomb like shape. 

Next it is J's turn and I may just do one myself to fill up our windows with Easter colour.
By J.


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