Sunshine Coast Montville Drive

Today we went for a drive up to the lovely town of Montville.
On the way we stopped at Mapleton Falls National Park to do a loop walk in the Rainforest. Plenty of fresh air and birdsong.

 We then stopped in Montville for a walk up the main street, which has plenty of interesting shops,cafes and a lovely view across to the Ocean.

 We also stopped at Kondillila Falls National Park and just walked to the first little waterfall.

 In Montville we found this lovely Toy Shop, which had some interesting and different games and puzzles. I found this lovely wind up plane for H's birthday and Margaret I thought of the girls when I spotted this adorable Tea party setting out the will have to make the trip up for that!

After Montville we drove to Maleny and found three bookshops, so we had to stop of course.
A lovely Saturday drive in the Hills.


  1. It all looks so beautiful! Love those gorgeous waterfalls (and yes, the girls would love that little tea party setting!). What a cute little plane for H! Sounds (and looks) like a beautiful day out.


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