Flutter by Butterfly

Searching for a butterfly...the Richmond Birdwing actually, but these will do for now.

Art - Oil Pastels

Oil pastel flowers by H.
 Abstract turtle by J.
Oil pastels were used to create both of these (learning how to blend).

Remembering the ANZACS and Days Gone By

Spot the Critter

Lake Macdonald Botanical Gardens

 We visited the Noosa Shire Botanical gardens at Lake Macdonald as a part of our study of Monet.
It is a lovely spot, plenty to see, including birds and reptiles. 
The boys enjoyed the friendly turtles and ducks. They also liked listening for rustling in the trees or bushes, hoping to spot a new species of something!

(just needs a bridge and you could be in Monets garden)

 Collecting fallen leaves.

If you are wanting a lovely green walk with plenty of creatures to say hi to, then this garden will do just fine.


Art- Monet

by J.
 Today we studied Monet, mostly the later water lilly works.
First we looked at a few books and talked about Impressionists again and how Monet kind of started the movement. 
We were fascinated by the knowledge that Monet was painting in his garden as troops were marching past his gate. Such beautiful peaceful paintings and the war was going on!
We then went to the Noosa Botanical gardens in search of some landscapes and waterlillies. There we looked at potential spots for taking a photo and talked about composition and framing our painting.
By H.
Then we used acrylics, sponges, fingertips and brushes to create some art inspired by our trip to the gardens.
We were inspired by the beauty in the garden, just like Monet was inspired to paint in his garden.

Newtons Third Law of Motion - Air Rocket

 Dad found this Green Rocket for the boys on his travels, so we were quick to build and try it out. It goes really high and easy to build!
 After having some fun I used it to demonstrate Newtons Third Law of motion...
"for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction".
We talked about forces, gravity, energy and mass (newtons) and weight.
I think we have the basic idea.
Thanks Mr Newton and Dad.

Element of the Week - Copper

This is something new we are doing. We pick an element from the Periodic table and learn the basics.
I never quite mastered all my elements for Chemistry 101, so I figure it can't hurt to start early.

Italian Gold

A lake of chocolate in a golden wrapper!
 Dad has been in Milan in Italy for work and he stayed in Arona on Lake Maggiore. It seems to be a lovely spot.
One of the local specialties (other than design and fashion) is this lovely smooth chocolate...
 Our favourite so far...the Gianduia by Caffarel.

Pale Cheeked Rosella?

 This bird likes to sit up close to our fence, with a bit of protection in between, a bit like a budgie watching us in a cage actually.
We think it is a Pale cheeked Rosella (according to our bird book).

Organic Raw Cafe Niceness

After our Rainforest walk in Buderim, we went to check out the local street (and second hand bookshops). There is a great Cafe in town called Ground. They serve absolutely beautiful raw organic foods, salads, snacks and coffee. They also are a part of the Suspended Coffee movement, a pay it forward system.
Whilst we were enjoying a delightful salad and coffee, the QLD news crew came and started filming, they were doing a story on this fantastic idea and the boys were filmed drinking their baby cinos. How cool! The boys had fun watching themselves on TV too.

We will certainly be visiting again, great healthy food and lovely people.

Buderim Rainforest Boardwalk

Today we went for a rainforest walk in Buderim. We entered from the Northern end of the forest and wandered along the boardwalk, it crisscrosses the stream all the way.
I was hoping to spot some butterflies, but not today.There were plenty of soothing sounds though.

 This little old (1800's) building is a cafe at the entry to the boardwalk.