A Drive to Pomona

 Today we went for a little drive in the country to Pomona via Cooroy to check out a little antique shop. Not much else in Pomona; in the way of nice coffee stops I mean, so on the way back we stopped at our favourite in Cooroy... 
Twig and Grace, where you get your iced chocolate in an old glass jar on a vintage saucer with a paper straw!Cool.

Nice things in this little shop too.


  1. Hi!

    Great pictures! I just wanted to tell you that I love your blog. I found it more less a year ago, when I was looking for an airplane bday party ideas. Your blog was the first blog that I ever read and followed. Through yours ideas and yours blog I founded many other sides and all of them inspired me to do my own crafting. I just wanted to say " Thank you!". You are a great mom with a great children.

    1. Thank you, how lovely for you to say such nice things, I am still working on being a "great mum", not there yet!


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