Art- Monet

by J.
 Today we studied Monet, mostly the later water lilly works.
First we looked at a few books and talked about Impressionists again and how Monet kind of started the movement. 
We were fascinated by the knowledge that Monet was painting in his garden as troops were marching past his gate. Such beautiful peaceful paintings and the war was going on!
We then went to the Noosa Botanical gardens in search of some landscapes and waterlillies. There we looked at potential spots for taking a photo and talked about composition and framing our painting.
By H.
Then we used acrylics, sponges, fingertips and brushes to create some art inspired by our trip to the gardens.
We were inspired by the beauty in the garden, just like Monet was inspired to paint in his garden.


  1. I love it! the paintings are great and well. Monet is one of my favorites artist, impressionism is the best painting style. For me. Great job boys!


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