Recycled Tshirt Crochet Floor Rug

 What to do when some moths have had a feast on your old Tshirts, or you have ripped one, or stained one and they are just not good enough to send to the good will store?
Make a floor rug!
I have seen these on the web, I also have a crochet book that uses string and all sorts of materials, so I decided to try one.
I cut the strips out of my old Tshirts, rolled them (I did them loosely) and began to crochet around them with alternating wool. It is rustic but very warm to step on and I think the colours work well.
Quite happy overall with the finished product. It made good use of something that would otherwise turn into rags.


  1. This is amazing! What a beautiful piece, almost too nice to walk on - perhaps it could become a wall hanging (if you find some way to mount it to keep its shape?). I am in awe of your patience and determination. It looks great!

  2. Amazing! I admire your patience, that after all the motherhood duties and HS, you are still able to try something like this. I get inspired when I visit your blog.


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