A Walk Through Our Garden Today

The lawn garden.
 The rock garden.
 The tall tree garden.
 The colourful garden.
 The banana garden.
 The bamboo walkway garden.

 The pineapple and frangipane garden in progress.
 The driveway canopy garden.
 Monets' waterlily pond garden...ok not quite, but imagine that is what it could look like.
Thanks to Nanny and the boys are gardens are starting to get a new lease of life and are a pleasure to walk around.


  1. You have an amazing backyard. Maybe could consider starting one of those work and board for free farms. or work and pay to experience Australian homestay. :) Looking forward to your backyard adventures.

    1. Interesting idea! This garden is run down but it has plenty to offer and we have plans for it after we get the old house in order.


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