The Mini Blues Brothers Concert Performance

 Today J had his big concert day, playing two songs on piano at a school Fete on the Sunshine Coast. One blues song with two other 9 year olds ("the Mini Blues Brothers") and one back up keyboards for a large vocal group and band.
Wow such great performances, so very proud that he had fun and didn't get nervous and played so well, fantastic weather and fantastic music teacher!

 Nanny and Poppy came to visit specially for the day so the boys had a wonderful time.


  1. loved his expression and how his body naturally grooved with the music! :)

  2. That was awesome Jarrod! I just watched the video and I loved your solo at the end! Youngest one up there but you owned the stage. Well done! You looked like you loved every minute, as did I. Your Mum and Dad (and Nanny and Poppy) must have been so proud!

  3. Hi Jarrod! It's Elyssia and Livinia. We just watched your concert. You are really good at playing the piano! We think you should be famous. Wish we could have been there to see you play. Hope we see you again soon. Lots of love. xxxx


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