A Trip Back in History Lesson

I thought it would be a fun idea to take the boys on a trip back in time (a casual history lesson) so we spent the day at the Historical Museum in Caboolture and loved it.
Great value, plenty to see and do. 
We joined a group where we did a few organised activities (I learned how to french knit!) before having free time to walk around the town and all the wonderful historical buildings that have been lovingly restored to their original state (most have been salvaged or donated).

There were so many cool retro pieces (sadly there was no antique shop here) and so much to look at I actually only took a few pics (really).
We watched a blacksmith work wonders with metal.

At the end of our morning we visited the old School house for old time games, such as sack races and tug o war.

Wow... I don't think I would have made it as a teacher back then, I can't resist loitering in ice cream parlours.

A train ride was included which the boys enjoyed as always.

Waiting for scones at the CWA.

The hospital building was one of my favourites, all the antique equipment...

 Not sure I would be comfortable going to this dentist though!

 There were many examples of old cottages (wealthy and basic conditions) and all sorts of equipment used in daily life, including a well stocked corner shop.

 I had to take a photo of the friendly animals, the goat expected a photo and the donkey called us over so loudly.


There were many, many old vehicles and sheds of tools, trucks etc etc.
 One of our included activities was gem mining and we got to keep them too!

 Beautiful well kept grounds and gardens, a lovely place to visit and extremely good value!

We need this water delivery actually.
No we didn't leave the boys in the "lock up"!


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