Vintage Plane Museum

 J is liking vintage war planes at the moment and wants to be a pilot ( when he is not being a scientist ), so we visited the Warbird Museum in Caboolture the other day...
 The planes they have here are actually still used for flying and yes you can go for a ride in one if you save up your dollars, however we opted for sitting in some of the other stationary ones.

 Lovely model planes that any boy (or girl) would love to have on their shelf.
 Pulling levers and watching flaps move is fun!
 Learning about this ejection technology...

The face of the pilot says it all!


  1. This looks like so much fun! Nick (and Ollie) would love it. Your little pilots look very happy indeed! What a great place.

    1. Yes I thought Nick might like this one, perhaps you can put that on your list to do when you come up this way next.


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