A Migrating Channel-Billed Cuckoo

This is a big and unusual bird, we think it is the Channel- billed Cuckoo all the way from 
New Guinea and  PNG.
It was in our backyard causing a riot amongst the regulars, such as the parrots, 
currawongs, butcher birds, minors, crows, magpies, honeyeaters, 
willy wagtails and cockatoos.
What is all that noise? Why are all the birds ganging up and dive bombing 
that giant thing up there?
We spent quite a while watching the show.
At first we thought it was an eagle of some sort, but then we got a close up of the
large beak and red eyes. 
We finally discovered it's name and why the other birds were not happy to share their tree. 
This bird is a nest invader, it uses the other nests to lay eggs and then abandons them, 
to be fed by the other birds (and these chicks eat heaps). 
The parent comes back though when it is time to fly North for the winter.
Cuckoo day care?
 The cockatoo seemed nervous also and tried a few times to scare this large Cuckoo away.
But the Cuckoo was not worried at all.

Well thanks for visiting Mrs Cuckoo.
More info about this interesting bird can be found here http://www.abc.net.au/science/articles/2010/09/01/2998461.htm


  1. Love that last photo with both birds in it. Great shot. Isn't it fun to learn with your kids?? We have a speckle breasted lorrikeet at the moment that we are going to release today. It's been fun learning about what they eat etc with our boys.

  2. how awesoe to be able to see these birds in the wild. Here you'll only find them in cages.


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