Christmas Eve Dinner 2013

Christmas Eve dinner is always nice, I like the atmosphere and I also 
prefer cooking in the evening rather than during the heat of Christmas Day.
This year was easy going, yummy, and fun...just as it should be.
 Leaves from the garden.

Baked, creamy camembert is delicious with some nice crusty bread
 and so easy with garlic and thyme.
Pears were thinly sliced and baked in the oven, fruit mince was a mix of granny smith finely diced and some organic sultanas and spices and maple syrup simmered on low.
Lamb cutlets were browned then cooled and one side coated 
with a mint, pistachio (and some other bits and pieces) then refrigerated 
until time to cook on BBQ. The fresh cherries were mixed with cabernet paste 
and a little water to make a sauce.
The coconut meringue (purchased from a local patisserie) was scattered 
amongst fresh mango, lychee and passionfruit.
I made passionfruit curd and mixed half of whipped double cream with it.
The sorbet was a good accompaniment.

 Old music sheets used for placemats and I re-filled some crackers with personal trinkets.

A lovely evening, great company but unfortunately not too many photos!


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