Wood-fired Pizza and Gelato Party

 H has just turned seven and we celebrated by creating a little Pizzeria and Gelateria for our friends.
With the new wood fired oven smoking hot, and the help of some partygoers, we managed to fire out some yummy pizzas.
The boys and I made a giant board game (with an Italian theme) and I created a "search for Romeo around Italy" scavenger hunt, which included a few famous tourist spots and a balcony in Verona, but thankfully Romeo our pizza maker was found in time...with Juliet in Naples making Pizzas for us of course!

 We made the bases and prepared toppings earlier in the morning and I picked up some of the best Gelato from Noosaville. I made some macaroons with a french buttercream and rosella jam filling and the birthday cake was layered...chocolate, hazelnut, mousse, ganache.

 Coffee a must!

 Plenty of fun was had, lots of play and good company.

The go cart is a hit.

Happiest of Days to you our little boy, we love you.


  1. I can't believe H is 7 years old! What a beautiful birthday party. I love all the cardboard cutouts and especially his hat! The food looks amazing and that cake... Wow. Happy Birthday H! We hope you had a wonderful day and that the year ahead is filled to the brim with happiness. PS: That go-cart looks like so much fun!


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