Our Trip Down South - Part 4

 Today we went to Parliament House for a tour with a school group, to learn something !
(Pigeon Parliament)
We did learn something (I did too).The tour guide was excellent, he was a fast talker but to the point and did a fabulous job. The group were year six students, so we got plenty of information that I was looking for and after the tour, J participated in a role play with the other students on how the House of Representatives works. He played the Clerk, the Government was trying to get a Bill through and there were some excellent debates.

 Our Danish tour guide!
 The beautiful tapestry.
 After New Parliament House we walked to old Parliament House and you can understand why they wanted a new one, when you walk around inside.
Then it was on to the Museum for lunch and a wander.

Later we walked to the National Art Gallery, where we saw Monet and Seurat artworks amongst other magnificent pieces, but you really need a day here I think.

A busy day, full of information.
We also had much fun driving around the Embassy streets looking at what country had what residence, how much security, how big, etc etc. The PNG House had overgrown weedy grass, the KIWI house had metal cow statues and no big security gates, The Norwegian House was architectural and the USA Embassy, well it took up most of Canberra of course.


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