QLD Garden Show

Last weekend we managed to spend a day at the QLD garden show (and so glad we did!)
There was so much to look at and listen to, plenty of garden gurus 
and celebrities with plenty of passion for all things gardening.
Our first talk was by Costa from ABCs' gardening Australia.
He is fabulous and we learned a lot walking around the kitchen garden, he also likes goats...

 There were animals, all kinds of plants everywhere, and some designer gardens (which inspired us to make a river garden in our backyard) and plenty of ideas for recycling or upcycling...

We spent some time learning about heritage breed chickens, 
ow to create new varieties of roses (diy),
how to attract frogs to the garden,
how to make a vertical garden,
plus more. 
It was a cold morning in QLD, but in true form it was TShirt weather by 10am 
nd hot enough for gelato at lunch.

 We were definitely inspired by our visit to the garden show and spent the next day planting our fruit trees we bought and designing our Japanese/Monet water garden.


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