Cairns - Day 2

It was up very early the next morning to walk down to the wharf to board
our catamaran to Green Island.

This was the boys' first introduction to the Great Barrier Reef, so we choose an hour boat ride to an Island rather than the outer reef.
This cat is not the fastest, however it was very steady and hence 
no sea sickness issues for anyone.
The full day included lunch onboard the vessel and a glass bottom boat trip.
When we arrived it was slightly windy however the water was clear as usual.
 Only minutes after we arrived we saw turtles munching on sea grass 
and a reasonable size shark (close to shore!) plenty of fish and some coral.
We quickly found the sheltered beach and headed in for a chilly dip to find Nemo.
There was plenty of beach fossicking and fish catching and 
bird watching and rainforest walking.

 We found so many things including parrot fish (my favourite) 
and little red shrimp sunbathing on the sand.
The glass bottom boat was also a good way to see the coral and fish feeding.
 The Island resort itself may be a bit dated but the waters surrounding it are still full of wonderful things to see and so close to the mainland.


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