Outdoor Theatre Evening Birthday Party

 J turned Eleven on the weekend and we celebrated with friends 
by way of movie under the stars with a giant screen!
I managed only a few photos (it all went so quickly and then it was dark).
Luckily it was a warm day and very balmy night, perfect for sitting out under the stars, watching the big screen and eating cheesecake and popcorn with friends.

We made dinner in the wood oven first (Spanish style street food) 
and had a snack bar and hot popcorn during the movie.
The solar outdoor lights helped create a festive mood.

 The movie J decided on was the old and original Muppet Movie 
from the 70's , which was a trip down memory lane for us oldies 
and kept the kids in their seats for the entire show.
 Kermit singing under a Noosa starry sky (sorry neighbours).
 The popcorn was a hit, just like at the movies!
A great evening all around and good Birthday fun for all the kids, 
but most of all something to remember in years to come.
Thanks to all and Happy 11th J!


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