Family Holiday on the High Seas- Part 2

We excitedly boarded the Legend after 2pm and quickly found our cabin. 
Luckily we were on the top deck and had been upgraded to an extended balcony Quad room.
Plenty of room in here, with a king bed and two bunks. 
The bathroom is tiny but it has all you need in it.
Once we unpacked the basics, we explored the decks, 
including the gigantic lobby area with glass lifts.
Let me say now that the design of the ship is very, hmm, hard to describe,
kind of Pirates of the Caribbean /Italian/Las Vegas/I don't know?
A comedian said it straight when he said the ship builders could not decide a winner for the design contract, so they awarded all ten the job! (literally).
After saying that, it didn't detract from our fun holiday at all.
After checking out the ship (a small part) it was time for dinner, at the same time the ship was pulling out from Sydney Port. Luckily we had a great table at the back of the ship with private window! We watched as we sailed out of the beautiful harbour of Sydney.
We all enjoyed eating in the restaurant each evening and ordering three courses 
(yes we walked the stairs) and especially enjoyed chatting with our friendly wait staff 
from Peru and the Phillipines. Each night they would sing or dance and we all had a laugh after filling ourselves to the brim with chocolate melting cake!
The food was ships restaurant style and we had an opportunity to try some different things.
The boys liked the fruit and sorbet and fresh baked bread rolls.
 We all enjoyed the dinners and sitting and chatting to our table friends each night.
This lovely couple were great with the boys and always a pleasant to talk to. 
We were very lucky!

 After dinner we watched Sydney sail by from the balcony.
Is there a better harbour for a cruise ship to sail into? Nope.

The sun sets as we head out of the heads and wave bye bye to the pilot boat.

 Before we head out to see a show, we say goodnight to our towel animal...
 The first of many each night.
Tomorrow a day at sea awaits...


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