Family Holiday on the High Seas - Part 4


This is Yedjele beach where we spent the morning snorkelling and seeing tropical fish only metres from the sand. Coconuts lay strewn under the trees and little huts shaded local villagers selling their wares or "coka kola".
 We arrived early before the rush of 2000 cruise passengers spoilt the view (us included). It was windy but the the water was clear and fish life abundant. 
The boys learned to snorkel and what a great place to do it.

The locals were not as friendly as we had expected, those selling goods seemed inconvenienced and there was quite a bit of graffiti around the Island. 
Perhaps these cruise ships are an inconvenience (understandably), or perhaps they are welcome as a way of earning some cash and we misread the French speaking locals?
 I am undecided on what the case is because we didn't have an opportunity to talk to anyone except for the boys who played with a local boy who just smiled while Mum watched from under a tree.

We loved the snorkelling.

 I enjoyed the variety of trees.
Did I mention the beautiful water.
A lovely day at the beach.
 Thumbs up to Mare.
Next stop Noumea.


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