Family Holiday on the High Seas -Part 6

 A Second Paradise.

We nearly missed this lovely place, the Captain was unsure because of high winds and bad weather earlier in the morning, but we were meant to see this lovely spot in Vanuatu. 
The neighbouring Islands were getting rained on but it soon cleared and we were first on the beach for some more excellent snorkelling adventures.
After crossing the runway, which goes through the middle of the Island, we found a spot of crystal clear water and set about getting geared up.

There were plenty of fish to keep us occupied, including schools of quite large fish, nemo style fish, parrot looking fish, etc, etc and a Giant Porcupine fish (look him up).
H really got the hang of snorkelling and J is really confident with it now. 
We didn't carry our fins, so when the current changed we headed for the locals to have a chat and see what was on offer.
 This is a small Island, easily walked around, but no locals live on the Island, they say it is haunted at night, so they come across when the cruise ships arrive and they are extremely friendly and welcoming.
It is said the Queen herself stopped here for afternoon tea!

 Some outrigger canoeing.
 The local school children singing to raise money for books.

 The Island long drop, needless to say we waited.
Locals having fun with their history and making the most of tourist dollars.

 A lovely spot, beautiful locals, fun snorkelling, thank you Mystery Island.
 Next stop Port Vila, Vanuatu


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