Cacao Papow Balls

 Otherwise known as a version of the bliss ball, or protein, coconut chocolate balls,
whatever you call them
H and I have been experimenting with them over the past few weeks, 
trying different combinations. 
You can make these completely sugar free, dairy free, gluten free, etc etc.
but we make them as an alternative to chocolate, biscuits or cakes.
We like using dates which have fructose of course so not sugar free, however we are reducing the amount each time. 
We also like pure cacao powder, cacao nibs, and cacao butter in our mix.
So what exactly went into the last batch?
Protein powder, macadamia meal, coconut, coconut paste, almond milk,
cacao nibs, powder and cacao butter (small amount), almond butter,
bukkinis, puffed brown rice, dates, rice malt syrup, pepitas, chia seeds,
and probably some other things...
then in the fridge.
Then in the mouth!
Cacao Papow!
(these are a treat)


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