Games Review by Two Boys

Story Cubes.
A fun way to make up crazy, funny, detailed (or not) stories.
For 1 or more players.
Boys verdict - thumbs up!

Monopoly Deal Card Game
A new take on the old Monopoly, but fast and addictive, great family game.
For two or more players.
Boys verdict - two thumbs up.
Penguins on Ice.
A maze game, with levels of varying hardship (not easy at all)
Boys verdict- thumbs up.
Phase 10
The cover says it all, we have only played a few times so far.
Boys verdict - thumbs up. 
We are still learning this game, but it has potential to be a good game
 (once we have had enough of Monopoly).
Boys verdict - thumbs up
 And those were the games we have been playing in the last few weeks.


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