Science Club - Theory of Evolution

Today at Science club we discussed the theory of Evolution.
We are enjoying science with Dr Joe and our friends.
The first part of the lesson consists of a lecture/information talk,
 aimed at high school level, with plenty of time for questions, 
then we have time for make and do activities in the last half hour.
This week was interesting as we discussed the Theory of Evolution and other things as they popped up.
Fossils provide evidence that support the theory and so we looked at these 
and created our own fingerprint fossil to bury in the backyard 
for the future scientists of 21005 to find.

 Most our our friends attend science club and it is good to share our interest in Science with them.
 We also learned that Dr Joe considers himself a creationist. 
There are many definitions of the word and it depends on who you are speaking to as to their view on this, but Dr Joe is definitely passionate
and loves learning and teaching about Science and all it's theories.


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