We are very fortunate to have good friends that are extremely generous 
with their time and more than happy to share ideas, thoughts and skills.
I had never done felting before and this week 
two friends offered to help me learn this new craft.
The lovely acorns above were made by a friend 
(we are searching for acorns by the way, not easy to find in QLD!)
and today I made this owl character, rather quickly,
yes he looks like he is hatching a scheme to steel the eggs!
I now have a stash of wool, and up until three hours ago, I had a felting needle.
I was warned that I would need a few, now I know why.
I learned many techniques and helped H make this penguin and fish...

Another friend showed me the wet felting technique, 
which I am not quite sure I managed to master...
Practice makes perfect!


  1. These look beautiful! Well done. I love the look of felted objects and your acorns look absolutely perfect.


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