Spirit House Cooking Class

Last week myself and two friends went along to a day of 
cooking Asian inspired meals at a
well known Sunshine Coast Restaurant
It has been something on my list of to dos since arriving here.
It was lovely to share the day with friends.
We made quite a few dishes
(as you can see from the extensive menu above)
however we did more learning, watching and testing, tasting, stirring and chopping
then making entire meals from scratch.
 Plenty of ideas and tips to take home from this lovely restaurant.
Then at the end we all sat down to enjoy a lovely (huge) meal
including duck, fillet beef, prawns and snapper.

 No dinner for me that night!
Then on the weekend I started my own master stock,
which I then used to make the same duck dish but 
substituted chicken in its place...yum.
Must take the family for lunch one day, the restaurant is set in lovely gardens
and has a modern Asian inspired menu.


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