Melbourne Trip

This week we made a quick trip to Melbourne.
In hindsight it was probably not the best time to travel on a plane 
and sit in front of coughing, obviously ill passengers, to visit a cold climate 
in the middle of Flu season (both boys got sick), 
however we managed to do and see a few things
and all was not a lost cause.
We stayed slightly out of town this time for reasons out of our control, but it
was close to tram stations and had a view of the city.
I prefer being within walking distance of restaurants, coffee shops etc and found the tram payment/ticket system a little confusing and expensive or perhaps we were using it wrong?
When we made it onto the tram and into town
we were quick to find a spot for hot chocolate
and this new chocolate shop we stumbled upon
(which just so happens to use 5 Senses Coffee)
was warm and just the spot for a sit down.
It took us a day to get used to the pace of the Southern city again,
masses of people moving quickly, 
walking from cold streets to overheated shopping malls 
and having to remove layers of clothing to avoid heatstroke.
Luckily we had a glorious sunny day to visit the Botanic gardens, Shrine,
Art Gallery and Museum.

Lots and Lots of walking.
Watching birds, enjoying the sun.
Morning tea scones at the gardens cafe.

We decided to hop on the visitor shuttle which is very well priced and
dropped us off at the NGV and Museum and stops at many other
useful stops, it comes every half hour.

The museum was the boys favourite, plenty of dinosaurs and interactive displays
to engage with, so much to see and learn here.
Much bigger than our museum in Brisbane and they have Phar Lap!

Back on the bus to the art gallery, which was only partially open,
but what we saw was interesting.

 There were plenty of other places we didn't get to because of illness, but
we did get in a spot of shopping at some book shops and the Emporium, 
a meal at Gradi where the world winning Margharita pizza maker is,
a trip to Gazi a fabulous Greek Restaurant (George from Masterchef owns this)
which we all absolutely loved and would highly recommend
and an brief afternoon visit to St Kilda...
 We struggled to find a nice place for an early dinner on foot in Acland St.
The clouds were settling in and the boys were not fussed on the
cake shops the area is renowned for so we grabbed sushi and headed back.
I am sure the atmosphere is better here on a sunny weekend.
 That was that.
Been and gone.
Now we get over the illness.
Warm destination for the next holiday I say!


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