Lettering in Mini Moleskin

A new book on lettering.
A new mini Moleskin.
A few nice ideas on making fonts and lettering inspiration to try from the Lettering book
 and some sunny weather to inspire a word or two of my own.

New Books

 It was suggested we read some books by a German Author
Walter Moers.
So we will give it a go.
We are starting with this one and then the others if we like it.
The writing seems interesting and captivating so far, 
but we cannot comment on anything else as yet.

A Little Blue

So sad we missed Science club this week.
Harrison was a bit blue about being a bit green!

Watching, Waiting

 For Spring?
For Cake and Coffee?
For eggs to be layed?
For an idea?

3D Maths

Making 3D shapes with paper.
By H.

QLD Garden Show 2015

 Today we headed off early (in the cool winter air) to visit the garden show.
We really enjoyed last because we learned so much.
This year we took home some more knowledge and got to listen to 
Costa's ramble...

 There were birds, chickens, baby animals as you would expect
and interesting ways of growing food using recycled junk.
We now have an avocado tree and ideas to plant!

Robotics Course 1 - Mission Completed

After 4 weeks of learning about and playing with electronics and
robotic components, this is what we have made to take home...
 A laser spy alarm!
 It works too. 
Complete with a cup speaker and trilling noise.
Perhaps it can be used in the chicken coop to catch predators!
 Next course is programming.

To The Theatre

We went to the theatre today to see the above show.
The boys thought it was funny.
Perhaps aimed at the younger kids, but nevertheless an entertaining show.


We had a special visit last week, 
cousins came a long way to spend the day with us 
and we thoroughly enjoyed their company (as always).