More Screen Printing Designs

More designs I was experimenting with stencil, screen and paint on fabric.
The lady with bird, I call her is quite small and tricky for me to cut our with the scalpel.
More simple designs with a new brand I invented for fun.
An owl for a stuffed toy.

Simple geometric T shirts.

And this one, a friend suggested her boys would like,
so this is a test run.

The Sound of Music

This week we had a big day out in Brisbane (starting at 5.30)
with lovely friends,
at the Theatre,
to see,
The Sound of Music
on stage.
We really enjoyed the performances, the singing (especially the nuns) and the orchestra.
A great experience, a long day, but well worth it.
Next ,Mary Poppins on stage in a couple of weeks.

Screen Printing with Friends

Last week we had a morning session of screen printing with friends.
We all cut out our stencils (with help) and printed some fantastic designs on T shirts.

 I love this one above, drawn by a very talented girl for her younger brother.

It is not the easiest thing to do, but once we got our heads around the cutting out,
all worked out in the end.
Great to have friends keen to do this with us.