Portrait Sketching in Pencil

Lady by Harrison.

Lady by Jarrod.

We seem to be getting the hang of where to put the facial features
after watching some Youtube videos.

Needle Felted Brooch

Playing around with needle felting onto a safety pin, for a brooch.
Charlotte the mouse...

Colouring in with Querkles Books

A friend introduced us to Querkles and 
now Harrison and I are having fun 
colouring in famous paintings.

Art this Week

Drawing from what we see, not what our brain thinks we see.
Using grids to draw portraits is a very effective way to get a reasonable likeness.

Kingsford Smith by Jarrod.
Self portrait by Harrison.
Next lesson we learn about shading in more detail 
so that we can add the final touches to our portraits.

Rainy Day Baking

Will they create a cake?