Sunshine Coast Symphony

A little bit of magical music last night.

Abbey Medieval Festival

A few weeks ago we visited the medieval festival and enjoyed
watching a variety of old world activities.
seeing people dressed up and living like the vikings and knights would have.
cooking with open fire and old style utensils.

Real jousting, fencing, battles, music, food.

Canons, castles, tents, arrows, birds of prey, etc.

A fun day in sunny QLD.

Sourdough from a Starter

We have been making sourdough bread.
First we made a starter from organic rye and Spelt flour.
One week later we were ready to make our first loaf.
It took 7 loaves to get to the loaf we would consider best for us.
Light and very crusty on the outside.
Delicious with our fermented homemade butter!
Butter is so easy to make, now that I know how to do it.
Fermented ginger carrots.

Art Term 2

By J.
This Term we have been focussing on faces and drawing what we see, 
not what we think we see.
By H.
The boys completed their sketches.
Biggles by J.

Having fun with faces, eyes and colour.
Next term we are back to painting with a new artist.
Lots of fun.