Party - Dinosaur Party

Invitations - made from Photoshop and printed on Japanese paper.

Website - On the back of the envelopes I printed the blog site for the Party. I thought it would be fun for the kids to get information before the party.

Decorations - We made dinosaurs out of ply and mdf we had in the shed.

We also used removalist boxes to make these hanging dino birds.

Brown paint on cardboard for signs.

Contact paper for footprints leading to the party.

When the guests arrived we gave them dinosaur names and put them on our dino height chart.

The birthday boy wore a reverse applique dino Tshirt and bucket hat (explorer style)

Activities - I had Jurassic Park theme music playing in the background when guests arrived and were eating. We had fun playing dinosaur statues, we danced the dinosaur stomp, put together a large dinosaur skeleton floor puzzle I made from cardboard, made dinosaur fossils in homemade dirt coloured playdough, 
We also played pop the TRex egg (pop the balloon). Each balloon had a picture of a dinosaur,which they had to match up on the dinosaur identification posters.

We made volcanoes out of bicarb, red food colouring, vinegar, water and liquid soap.

We had a colour in dino table and a balloon dino making competition for the mums and dads.

Food - We glazed a whole ham on the BBQ and had bread rolls and other salad fillings along with the following menu...

The watermelon was so popular and fun to make (which I got from here )

Birthday cake- an adapted version of the Betty Crocker Dinosaur cake. I used a chocolate brownie mix and use chocolate icing to replace the green colouring.

Goodie bags - drawstring calico bags with dino tags filled with some clearance items I found and a home made gingerbread dino cookie.

J just loved this party and the other children said they had fun did I!


  1. Hi,

    I love your parties - they are truly magical. Would you mind sharing what you used to write the names on the leaves for the water bottles ?

    Will take a peek at your other party posts too and ask anything that jumps out at me. I have three children and I think I love planning their parties more than they do !

    I will check back here later on to see if you have responded. Thanks ! xxxxxxx

  2. Thanks for your kind words, I love planning parties too!
    The white writing was done with a white ink uniball pen.

  3. I love all the ideas. We are planning a Dino party for next year and this has helped a lot

  4. Super cute many wonderful creative ideas. I'm working on a little dino themed playdate for my 5yo and love to see how other people interpret the theme. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Super beautiful & impressive. :)
    This definitely helped with my son's dino's bday party.
    Thank you!

  6. Wow, amazing ideas! You certainly help a lot with my son's 1 yr old party coming up in April!

  7. What a great party! Thanks for the inspiration!


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