Whole Lemon Tarts

Recently I visited the Noosa International Food and Wine Festival and what a great festival it is!
Great chefs, good quality food, new products and loads of demonstrations.
I sat in on a demonstration by Valli Little and Kitchen Aid, she was making tart shells and fillings. The one that caught my attention was the lemon tart filling using a whole lemon in the blender.
I didn't have her recipe (a new book coming out soon), however I attempted the filling and was quite happy with it. It is very easy putting the whole (sliced and seeded) lemon, sugar, butter, eggs, cornflour in the blender/processor. The sweet biscuit base was a bit thick because I didn't get it in the patty tins thin enough, however it was buttery and crisp and the lime rind I added was nice also. Something to work on again.


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